Creating art is the blood that pulses through my veins and gives purpose to my experience here on earth.  I do not know what life would be without it, because from the time I was able to hold a Crayon in my clinched fist, I have been decorating my world and expressing the messages that God regularly places inside me with lines, shapes and vivid colors.  It is the best (and possibly only) way I know to release emotions, both positive and negative, in constructive, helpful ways.  Every adventure and misadventure, every big and small, important and mundane life experience has a corresponding visual image residing in my brain that impatiently sears its way onto stretched canvases, hand-forged metals and lumps of earthen and porcelain clays.  In a pinch, I confess that I resort to paper napkins and the backs of used envelopes ... any and everything becomes fair game to become my temporary sketch pad, onto which I transfer the fullness of my heart, creating "real art" wherever I am.


While my inate need to create art has taken a definite life of its own (dictating much of my day-to-day schedule), I believe every one of us comes into this world with pretty amazing abilities to create.  It is the ease or difficulty of the mysterious journey between one's heart and one's hand that determines whether or not we grant ourselves the freedom to lay claim to the moniker "artist."  Do we tell our stories with pen and paintbrush? Or do we keep our secrets, holding them captive inside?  I say, let's set them free!


My wish for you:  the most incredible, enlightening and adventuresome Life Journey!

                          "...Art is Cheaper Than Therapy..."